PHED Tender

Tender Id/ Inviting Authority Memo No. Short Description Publishing Date Last Date of Submission View Details
01 OF EE/ M.M.D OF 2021-2022
Executive Engineer, Midnapore Mechanical Division
584/MMD 01 OF EE/ M.M.D OF 2021-2022 21-04-2021 04-05-2021
N.I.T. No.-02/2021-22 of AE/KSD
Executive Engineer, Midnapore Division
146/AE/KSD Day to Day Operation & Maintenance of MADPUR Water Supply Scheme 21-04-2021 29-04-2021
NIT No-01/2021-22 of AE/KSD
Executive Engineer, Midnapore Division
143/AE/KSD Round the Clock Guarding Arrangements to protect the Govt. properties / materials etc. at Dantan Store within Kharagpur Sub-Division under Midnapore Division, PHE Dte. [for the period from 01.05.2021 19-04-2021 27-04-2021
07/ AE (HQ)/ HD /PHED of 2020-2021
Executive Engineer, Howrah Division
471 / HD Supply of Procurement of Chemicals required laboratories under Howrah Division, PHE Dte. 19-02-2021 03-03-2022
11/EE/rs of 2020-2021
Executive Engineer, Resources Division
114/RS Engagement of computer 19-01-2021 11-02-2022
13 OF EE/ M.M.D OF 2020-2021
Executive Engineer, Midnapore Mechanical Division
80/MMD 13 OF EE/ M.M.D OF 2020-2021 15-01-2021 28-01-2022
Executive Engineer, South 24 Pgs. W/S Division - I
1447/SWD-I 5 NOS. WORK 17-12-2020 04-01-2022
eT/04/EE/NKWSMD/20-21(Sl. No. 01 to 03)
Executive Engineer, Neorakhola W/S Mnt. Division
248/NKWSMD Repair & Renovation work 17-12-2020 04-01-2022
WBPHED/SE/MC/NIeT-10/20-21_2nd Call(2020_PHED_308995)
Superintending Engineer, Murshidabad Circle

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Retrofitting Functional Household Tap Connection (FHTC) in connection with JalJeevanMissionandJalSwapna under command area of different villages

The following corrigendum /Correction is made with reference to the above SNIT.


NIT 01/RWS OF 2020-21
Assistant Engineer, RWS Hooghly Sub - Division
417/RWS Engagement of Computer Operator / Data Entry Operator 24-09-2020 06-09-2021
01 of AE/SSD-III of 2020-2021
Assistant Engineer
16/SSD-III Engagement of 01(one) nos. Computer Operator/Data Entry Operator under category "A" for office of the Assistant Engineer, Survey Sub-Division-III. P.H.E. Dte. 10-09-2020 24-09-2024
2020_PHED_285671_1,2,3 & 4
Executive Engineer, Birbhum Division
615/BHM Different works 16-06-2020 01-06-2021
NIT No-1/BSD/PHE/2020-2021
Executive Engineer, Murshidabad Division
89/BSD Sinking of 200mm dia althrough tube well 65.00 mtr. deep by direct rotary rig method using UPVC Pipe and RDS filter at Sadar Hospital campus under Berhampore Sub-Division 22-04-2020 05-05-2021