Research & Development

Sl. No. Subject Associated Institution Amount of sanction
(In Rs.)
Date of commencement Target date of completion Status
1 Pilot Scale Arsanic Removal at
Water Supply Scheme by Nano Technology Based solution "Amrit"
IIT, Madras 600000.00 02.07.2013 02.07.2016 Ongoing
2 Understanding the extent and
natural/Anthoropogenic Control on Ground Water Rechange in Water Scare Areas of Western District of West Bengal (R & D work by IIT Kharapur)
IIT, Kharagpur 2832000.00 03.08.2013 03.11.2013 Ongoing
3 Conversion of existing Iron
Elemention Plant to Arsenic-Cum-Iron-Romoval Plant, under Research & Development Programme at Gobardanga Municipal Water Supply Scheme, Zone-II
(Barasat Division)
2997000.00 28.05.2013 28.08.2013 Ongoing
4 Pilot project for Prevention and
Management of Acute Diarrheal desease of Children in Sundarban: Ramchandrakhali and Masjibari Village, Basanti Block, South 24 Pgs. West Bengal
DNGM Research Foundation, Kolkata 341000.00 19.11.2013 19.11.204 Ongoing
5 Baseline Survey on Health & Socio-Economic condition in diff. blocks of South 24 Pgs. Before initiation of Kulpi Surface water based scheme II by PHED DNGM Research Foundation, Kolkata 1426500.00 09.04.2014 09.04.2016 Ongoing
6 Assessment of the impact on Health, Nutrition and Socio Economic status after provision of Safe Water University of Calcutta 2000000.00 17.03.2014 17.03.2015 Ongoing