What's New

1 22-01-2020 714/5/2F/2018 Posting order of J.E. (Mech. Elect.)
2 22-01-2020 715/5/2F/2018 Posting order of J.E. (Mech. Elect.)
3 20-01-2020 575-644/80/2B/2018 Submission of bills for the works under NRDWP.
4 17-01-2020 445-496/80/2B/18 Report on all projects announced / foundation stone laid by Hon’ble Chief Minister
5 17-01-2020 502/(1-110)/5/F/09 Memorandum regarding Amendment in procedure for suspension and debarment of suppliers, contractors and consultants
6 13-01-2020 310(1-100)/80/2B/2018 Acceptance of valid bank guarantee in case of tenders of works value exceeds Rs.25.00 Core.
7 06-01-2020 94/5/2I/2009 Transfer order of Assistant Engineer (C)
8 03-01-2020 54-F(Y) Memorandum from the FY Dept. reg. Ensuring adequate allotment to DDOs and drawal of bills against allotment
9 02-01-2020 44/5/'O'/2014 Transfer Order of Assistant Engineer (Civil)
10 24-12-2019 151P.S.C.(I/Depttl.) Holding of the Half-Yearly Departmental Examination to be held on and from the 30th December,2019
11 23-12-2019 PHE/Estt./2858(3)/1C-14/15(Pt-I) Draft Gradation list of Engineer Officers(M/E), PHE Dte
12 16-12-2019 15267-15289/89/I/19 Progress Review meeting postponned
13 13-12-2019 14866-960/73/1/18 Preparation of PPT for Progress review meeting scheduled on 18th Dec, 2019
14 11-12-2019 144 P.S.C Half-yearly professional examination November,2019
15 11-12-2019 14647-14721/73/1/18 Progress review meeting will be held on 18.12.19
16 04-12-2019 14346-405/works/06/14 Online submission of bill related to Lok Sabha Election 2019.
17 27-11-2019 14126-186/80/Z/19 Details of DWSM A/c. under your jurisdiction.
18 26-11-2019 PHE/2506/O-36/19(Pt.) Memorandum from the FY Dept. reg. policy Decision of the Govt.
19 22-11-2019 13945-953/80/2B/18 Letter reg. Cancellation of Progress review meeting on 25th & 26th November, 2019
20 21-11-2019 13803-895/5/B/2004 APR of LD Clerks, under regional offices of PHE Directorate