What's New

1 26-07-2021 11344-11433/Estab/O&C/000022/2021 Compliance of Notification No. 2516-WT/3M-98/2006 dated 19.06.2014 of Transport Deptt., Govt. of West Bengal in connection with the use of Red/Blue lights on vehicles.
2 26-07-2021 1139/MC/10/2018 Cancelation of 1st SLSSC Meeting scheduled to be held on 30.07.2021
3 15-07-2021 10880/ESTAB/O&C/000006/2021 Shifting of PHE HQ office kept in abeyance
4 15-07-2021 10881/MC/10/2018 1st SLSSC Meeting Notice of 2021-22
5 14-07-2021 10795(1-64)/WORKS/MISC/000006/2021 Modification of Monthly Accounts in PHED System.
6 14-07-2021 Estab/O&C/000006/2021/10788 Sifting of PHE Dte. (Headquarters) to Janawsasthya Karigari Bhawan
7 02-07-2021 No.PHE/1412/O-41/2021 Extension of benefits of IT Personnel under PHE Department and PHE Directorate In terms of Notification no. 192-IT/06/2020/P&AR-e-Gov, dated 16/10/2020
8 02-07-2021 PHE/Estt./1406/2E-89/17 (pt.I) dated 29.06.2021 Promotion order of Executive Engineer from Assistant Engineer in civil cadre, PHE Dte.
9 01-06-2021 PHE/Estt/1243/1E-42/18 Promotion order of Md. Mahasin Ali Khan, Project Director, PMU, WBPWSP to Engineer-in-Chief
10 24-05-2021 8053 /WORKS/YAAS/000014/2021 Circular regarding measures to be taken for cyclone 'YAAS'
11 24-05-2021 8061/WORKS/YAAS/000014/2021 PHED control room for Cyclonic Storm 'YAAS'.
12 18-05-2021 PHE/1157/O-36/19 Posting order of Shri Sougata Biswas, Contractual Workman, Group-D
13 11-05-2021 PHE/Estt./1129/2E-62/2021 Restructuring of the Jhargran (civil) Division and Jhargram Mechanical Division
14 19-04-2021 6820/ESTAB/RDUTY/00002/2021 Regarding duty roster of officers and staff of the HQ office, PHE Dte.
15 13-04-2021 PHE/Estt/1026/2E-11/2018 Regarding hierarchy for online SAR of Engineer Officers of PHE Dte.
16 23-03-2021 PHE/Estt./859/2E-9/15 dated 22.03.2021 Promotion order of E.E. (Mech/Elec) under PHE Dte.
17 08-03-2021 273 P.S.C(I/Depttl.) Half-yearly Departmental Examination, November, 2019
18 01-03-2021 PHE/652/O-21/2021 Information sought for under RTI Act, 2005
19 26-02-2021 PHE/Estt/576/2E-10/18 Transfer order of Executive Engineer (M/E) under PHE Directorate
20 19-02-2021 2683/5/P/2017 Promotion order of A.E. (Civil)