What's New

1 27-11-2020 11208-11265/80/2B/2019 Requirement of financial report for FY 2019-20 in connection with audit of JJM Schemes.
2 25-11-2020 11039/5/M/2010 Order reg. placement of service of AE, Midnapore Mech. Sub-Div
3 25-11-2020 11041/5/21/2009 Order reg. placement of service of SAE, Medinipore Mech. Sub-Div
4 23-11-2020 10936/MC/10/2018 4th SLSSC Meeting Notice
5 13-11-2020 PHE/Estt/1918/2E-137/19 (Pt-I) Regular appointment of Junior Engineer (Civil) PHE Directorate
6 13-11-2020 PHE/Estt/1919/2E-137/19 (Pt-I) Regular appointment of Junior Engineer (Civil) PHE Directorate
7 13-11-2020 PHE/Estt/1920/1C-12/19 Corrigendum i.r.o. previous order no. PHE/Estt/1864/1C-12/19 dated 10th November, 2020.
8 12-11-2020 PHE/Estt/1864/1C-12/19 dated. 10.11.2020 Retrospective effect i.f.o. retired Assistant Engineer (civil) under PHE Directorate namely Sri Pranab Kumar Mondal, Sri Anup Dutta,Sri Buddhadev Bandopadhyay, Sri Janapriyo Ghosh, Sri Amar Ranjan Nandy, Sri Sekhar Kumar Palit, Sri Supravat Bandopadhyay, Sri Uttam Kumar Chattopadhyay
9 11-11-2020 10493/5/P/2017 Promotion order of JE(Civil) to AE(Civil)
10 10-11-2020 10169-10226/MC/2B/2019 Sharing of KYC of the signatories with the representatives of ICICI Bank
11 10-11-2020 PHE/IV/1866/W-106/2020 Constitution of a committee for preparation of standard bid document for implementation of FHTC
12 09-11-2020 PHE/Estt/1856/2E-111/92 (Pt-II) Reallocation of duties of Chief Engineers (both Civil/Mech/Elec) under PHE Directorate of this Department of last 3 years
13 06-11-2020 10023(1-60)/80/Q/2019 Expenditure Plan for 2020-21 of JJM Fund
14 06-11-2020 PHE/Estt/1847/PGO-1/2020 Order of present place of posting i.f.o. Sri N. Sanjeev Kumar (S.E.) under PHE Directorate
15 06-11-2020 PHE/Estt/1848/PGO-1/2020 Order of present place of posting i.f.o. Sri Suman Pramanik (A.E.) under PH
16 16-10-2020 9416-9492/79/J/2018 Circular regarding on-line submission for construction of structures across National Waterways
17 16-10-2020 9509/5/F/09 Office order on Skeleton Duty
18 16-10-2020 PHE/Estt./1789/2E-9/15 Promotion order of Executive Engineer (Mech. / Elec.) PHE Directorate
19 14-10-2020 9253-9342/5/F/09 Duty of officers and staff during puja holidays
20 14-10-2020 PHE/Estt./1756/2E-131/19 Appointment on temporary but regular basis to the post of Junior Engineer (Mechanical) in PHE Directorate.