What's New

1 08-11-2019 13035-105/5/O/19 Implementation of e-Office at various offices of PHE Dte.
2 08-11-2019 13133/80/D/2005 Circular regarding opening of Control room for Cyclonic Storm “Bul Bul”
3 25-10-2019 12603-12608/80/2B/18 Review meeting has been rescheduled on 07/11/2019
4 22-10-2019 12511-12539/MC/10/2018 1st SLSSC Meeting (2019-20) on 5th November, 2019
5 22-10-2019 12551/73/L/18 Bill based requisition of fund for maintenance works.
6 21-10-2019 12495-501/80/2B/18 Review Meeting has been re-scheduled
7 18-10-2019 12457-465/80/2B/18 Review Meeting on 22 to 25th October
8 30-09-2019 12176/5/F/2009 Skeleton duty in Headquarters during Puja Holidays
9 30-09-2019 PHE/IV/2277/W-181/19 Approved unified Vendor list
10 27-09-2019 PHE/2303/O-36/19 Additional instructions for availing LTC in respect of State Government Employees
11 25-09-2019 12057-063/MC/08/2018 Meeting related to Scheme Correction data
12 19-09-2019 11751-825/79/G/18 Payment of Bonus @8.33% to the contractors labours engaged as pump Operator/Valve Operator/Guards etc. working in different water supply schemes under PHE Dte.
13 19-09-2019 11917/5/I/2016 Appointed to officiate to the post of Head Estimator.
14 18-09-2019 PHE/2196/1L-66/19 Standard Operating Procedure for direct purchase of land
15 18-09-2019 PHE/2196/1L-66/19 Standard Operating Procedure for direct purchase of land
16 17-09-2019 11570-11627/79/G/18 Demands of employees engaged by the agencies for the works of Operation & Maintenance of different water supply schemes in the West Bengal
17 17-09-2019 PHE/WSSO/45(Pt-XIII)/2520-2530 2 (two) days hands on residential training regarding e-Office for employees of different circles and divisions of PHE Directorate, Govt. of West Bengal from September 23 – 26, 2019, at Administrative Training Institute (ATI), F C Block, Sector III, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 106
18 17-09-2019 PHE/WSSO/45(Pt-XIII)/2543-2589 Nomination of one Assistant Engineer for attending a Two days training programme on “Application of Plastic Piping system in Water Transportation for Drinking Water & Sanitation ” by Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology, Dept. of Chemical & Petrochemicals , Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizer , Govt. of India
19 16-09-2019 PHE/WSSO/112(XXII)/2446-2475 Monitoring of Piped Water Supply Scheme (PWSS) samples
20 13-09-2019 11465-547/73/1/18 Review Meeting on 20.09.2019