What's New

1 26-02-2021 PHE/Estt/576/2E-10/18 Transfer order of Executive Engineer (M/E) under PHE Directorate
2 19-02-2021 2683/5/P/2017 Promotion order of A.E. (Civil)
3 19-02-2021 PHE/Estt./1485/2E-57/18 promotion order of A.E. (Civil)
4 15-02-2021 PHE/Estt./446/2E-9/15 dated 12.02.2021 Promotion order of Executive Engineer (Mech./Elec.) PHE Directorate
5 02-02-2021 242 P.S.C.(I/Depttl.) Half-yearly Professional Examination on November, 2020
6 29-01-2021 PHE/Estt/274/2E-25/02 Promotion to the post of Superintending Engineer (M/E), PHE Directorate.
7 29-01-2021 PHE/Estt/281/2E-25/02 Transfer and posting order of SE (M/E) PHE Directorate.
8 27-01-2021 1603/MC/10/2018 6th SLSSC Meeting Notice
9 20-01-2021 1161-1219/80/2B/20 Uploading of bills in the Finance Module of PHE Website for works executed under 'AMPHAN' / 'BULBUL'
10 20-01-2021 1234/5/F/2009 Re-arrangement of duties and responsibilities of CEHQ, Staff.
11 19-01-2021 1076-1155/79/G/2018 Order reg. revision of daily wages for Pump Operator / Valve Operator / Guard
12 19-01-2021 PHE/Estt/189/2E-89/17 (Pt.-1) Promotion order of Executive Engineer (Civil) under PHE dte.
13 19-01-2021 PHE/Estt/190/2E-10/18 Transfer and posting order of Executive Engineer (Civil) under PHE Dte.
14 13-01-2021 No. 238 P. S. C. (I/Depttl.) Half-Yearly Departmental Examination of Officers of Govt. of West Bengal
15 11-01-2021 386-404/5/G/2019 Consolidated report regarding FD Memo no. 1033-F(P-II)
16 11-01-2021 PHE/Estt./106/2E-137/19 (Pt-I) Regular appointment of JE (Civil), 2017
17 11-01-2021 PHE/Estt./107/2E-74/19 (Pt-I) Regular appointment of JE (Electrical), 2017
18 07-01-2021 213-292/73/N/2019 Additional requirement of fund for Construction of overhead reservoir, pipeline and other appurtenance (011-53)
19 07-01-2021 308/5/F/09 Transfer of Head Assistants/ Head Clerks of Headquarters office
20 04-01-2021 12/5/O/2014 Additional charge of A.E. (Civil)