What's New

1 23-03-2020 2876-2894/5/F/20 Combating the spread of COVID-19 and complete safety restriction
2 20-03-2020 2796-2854/73101-2019(Pt-2) Allotment of Fund
3 18-03-2020 2687/5/F/09 Circular in connection with prevailing threat of COVID-19
4 17-03-2020 2627/80/F/2016 Circular regarding suspension of booking of all the Inspection Bungalows under PHE Dte., till 14/04/2020.
5 06-03-2020 PHE/IV/676/W-69/2020 Order regarding constitution of DPR Scrutinizing Committee
6 03-03-2020 2116-2193/5/D/2017 Draft Gradation Lists of L.D. Clerks in the regional offices under P.H.E Dte.
7 20-02-2020 PHE/563/PGO-1/2020 Order regarding debarment of agency named 'Anjan Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.'
8 19-02-2020 1479-1565/80/2B/18 Workshop on implementation of PFMS under Jal Jeevan Mission-reg.
9 18-02-2020 1439/5/21/2009 Transfer Order of Junior Engineer (M)
10 18-02-2020 1441/5/2F/2018 Posting of Junior Engineer (M)
11 12-02-2020 PHE/EIC/81-84/2020 Immediate joining of Superintending Engineers
12 11-02-2020 1111-1170/80/2B/2018 Submission of requirement of fund under Temporary & OHR head
13 07-02-2020 1068/5/U/2019 Transfer Order of Work Assistants in the Regional offices
14 06-02-2020 1044/5/W/2019 Transfer Order of Upper Division Clerks
15 05-02-2020 1020/(1-52)/79/B/2020 Unlocking of commissioned schemes in PHED System and providing allotment related data for schemes prior to 11/03/2010
16 04-02-2020 PHE/Estt/338/2E-10/18 Cancellation of Notification
17 03-02-2020 512-F(Y) Schedules for submission of bills for the Financial Year 2019-2020
18 03-02-2020 PHE/Estt/326/2E-10/18 Notification kept in abeyance
19 31-01-2020 166 PSC. I/Depttl List of eligible officers in connection with the Half-yearly Professional Exam of AEs and JEs of PHE Dte
20 28-01-2020 907/5/V/2019 Transfer Order of Head Clerks