Orders & Circulars

1 PHE/WSSO/112 (Pt.-XXII)/1327-1355 29-05-2019 Video Conference on 30/05/2019 related to IDCF and Water Quality Monitoring in healthcare facilities
2 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XXII)/1243-1271 21-05-2019 Observance of IDCF from 28th May to 9th June, 2019
3 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XVIII)/1210-1238 20-05-2019 Monitoring of PWSS samples.
4 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XIX)/1176-1194 15-05-2019 Dissemination of WQ reports with key stakeholders at district and block level.
5 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XVI)/1082-1110 08-05-2019 Maintenance of dashboard, smartphone application, mobile laboratory etc. an SMS Alert system for alerting the concerned authority by bacteriological contaminated sources and programme management for water quality monitoring as per direction of EIC under PHED
6 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XXI)/1023-1051 03-05-2019 Submission of fund requirement for the year 2019-20, through budget preparation module in PHED website
7 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XXI)/972-977 29-04-2019 Meeting regarding performance of WTLs
8 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XXI)/978-1006 29-04-2019 UC for procurement of Chemicals and Glassware out of NRDWP (Support Fund) for the WTLs for the financial year 2018-19
9 PHE/WSSO/131/863-873 16-04-2019 Combating JE/AES & uploading of data in IMIS
10 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XVIII)/765-793 04-04-2019 Allotment of fund for recurring expenditure of labs for the period of April to June '19 in FY 2019-20 out of WQMSP component of State Budget.
11 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XX)/596-603 06-03-2019 Third Party Assessment of top 5 labs selected from each category alongwith assessment of the State referral lab.
12 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XV)/279-307 31-01-2019 Requirement of consumables for On-site Mobile Analysis System
13 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XV)/308-336 31-01-2019 Requirement of ACs Refrigerators, Invertors, Computers and Smart Phones.
14 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XV)/154-182 21-01-2019 Allotment of fund for recurring expenditure of 217 water testing laboratories for the period of January'19 to March'19 out of WQMSP component of State Budget.
15 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XV)/3271 26-12-2018 Distribution of consumables for 59 On-site Mobile analysis system & other laboratory safety equipment for 217 Water Testing Laboratories throughout the State
16 PHE/WSSO/112(XV)/3187-3214 19-12-2018 Allotment of fund for procurement of chemicals, consumables & glassware etc. out of WQMSP component
17 N.A 30-11-2018 Monthly Progress Report PC- I upto 31.10.2018 (list - I & II)
18 N.A. 30-11-2018 Monthly Progress Report PC- II upto 22.11.2018 (list - I & II)
19 PHE/WSSO/112Pt.-XIV/2936-2951 22-11-2018 Delay in disbursement of remuneration of the Sampling Assistant and Laboratory Attendant under his jurisdiction.
20 PHE/WSSO/112Pt.-XIV/2952-2958 22-11-2018 Meeting regarding performance of water testing laboratories.