1 3027-3051/MC/10/18 25-02-2021 Minutes of the 7th SLSSC Meeting 2020-21
2 3151-3176/MC/10/18 25-02-2021 Minutes of the 6th SLSSC Meeting 2020-21
3 1577-1602/(1-26)/MC/10/18 27-01-2021 Minutes of the 5th SLSSC Meeting 2020-21
4 13458/(1-28)/MC/10/18 30-12-2020 Minutes of the 4th SLSSC Meeting 2020-21
5 9001/(1-32)/MC/10/18 09-10-2020 Minutes of the 3nd SLSSC Meeting 2020-21
6 7820/MC/10/18 09-09-2020 Minutes of the 2nd SLSSC Meeting 2020-21
7 6833-6864/MC/10/18 03-08-2020 Minutes of the 1st SLSSC Meeting 2020-21
8 4812/(1-2)MC/1/2020 12-06-2020 Minutes of the DPR scrutinizing committee meeting held on 05.06.2020
9 2206/(1-3)/MC/10/18 04-03-2020 Minutes of the 2nd SLSSC Meeting 2019-20
10 15385-15416/MC/10/18 19-12-2019 Minutes of the 1st SLSSC Meeting 2019-20
11 10125-10234/80/C/2015 14-08-2019 Minutes of the review meeting held on 04.07.2019 at 11am at the conference hall of the NTK W/S Div.-I, Administrative Building (Tank No. 1), WTP campus, Rajarhat New Town.
12 7076-77/MC/28/14 26-06-2019 Minutes of the budget review meeting held on 22/05/2019 at conference hall of New Town WS Division-I on 22/05/2019 at 11:00 am
13 PHE/WSSO/172/1116/(1-23) 10-05-2019 Record of discussion of Video Conference meeting was held on 26/04/2019 at 3 pm regarding preparedness for prevention of Dengue.
14 PHE/WSSO/2 (Pt.-II)/1115/(1-12) 10-05-2019 Minutes of meeting regarding Geo-tagging and preparing a Database of Lithologs for tubewells implemented by Mechanical/ Electrical Divisions of PHE Dte.
15 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XVIII)/1016/(1-14) 02-05-2019 Minutes of the meeting on regular water quality test of PWSS, AIRPs, CWPPs and updation of test results in Dashboard for Nadia district
16 3671 / (1-32)MC/10/18 18-04-2019 Minutes of the 3rd SLSSC Meeting 2018-19
17 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.XV/3318/1-20 31-12-2018 Minutes of the meeting on performance of poor performing laboratories held on 7/12/2018 in the conference Hall, PHED.
18 PHE/WSSO/124(Pt.III)/2851/1-6 14-11-2018 Minutes of the review meeting regarding Water ATM on 04/10/2018
19 13808/(1-32)/MC/10/18 05-11-2018 Minutes of the 2nd SLSSC Meeting 2018-19
20 PHE/WSSO/40/2797/(1-32) 30-10-2018 Minutes of the meeting of the Reconstituted Fluoride Task Force meeting held on 2nd August 2018 in the conference room of PHED