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SlNo Date Ref. No. Description
1. 20-11-2017 PHE/Estt./2606/2E-7/2017 Appointment of Junior Engineer on regular basis
2. 10-11-2017 13629-99/5/E/2017 Exemption from Departmental Examination and stopping of increment related
3. 09-11-2017 13479-548/11/A/2008(pt.I) Circulation of Order No.5759-F (p)
4. 09-11-2017 PHE/2537/O-9/16(pt.-II) Short Term course on '' A general guideline for preparation and management of a sustainable water supply system with special emphasis on tendering, contract management and legal issues" by IIT,Kharagpur
5. 09-11-2017 13558-627/22/A/08 Circulation of Notification No.6005-F(P2 )FA/O/1H-04/12
6. 09-11-2017 2643/PN/O/I/4P- 03/2017 Order No. 2643/PN/O/I/4P- 03/2017 dated: 09.11.2017
7. 08-11-2017 13427-470/80/B/2015 (Pt-I) Review Meeting on 21st November, 2017 (Tuesday)
8. 03-11-2017 13265-81/5/2C/2017 Half-Yearly Departmental Exam., November-2017
9. 03-11-2017 PHE/WSSO/45(Pt.-VI)/2370-2397 District level training cum review workshop on improvement of coordination for better asset management
10. 02-11-2017 13173-220 Cancellation of Review meeting on 3rd Nov, 2017
11. 31-10-2017 12758-805/80/B/2015 (Pt.-I) Agenda of the Review Meeting on 3rd November, 2017 (Friday)
12. 31-10-2017 12829-898/5/Y/17 Option form for annual rotation transfer of head clerk
13. 31-10-2017 12899-918/5Z/2017 Option form for Annual Rotation Transfer of Head Assistant/Head Clerk
14. 31-10-2017 13030-13140/5/X/17 Option from for annual rotation transfer of U.D. Clerk
15. 31-10-2017 12919-13029/5/2A/2017 Option from for annual rotation transfer of Work Assistant
16. 25-10-2017 12648-700/80/B/2015 (Pt.-I) Updating of Monthly Accounts (Form-65) for the month of September, 2017
17. 18-10-2017 2404/O-9/2016(Pt.-III) Residential Trainning course for newly recruited Junior Engineer of PHE Dept. at ATI, Salt Lake
18. 18-10-2017 PHE/2343/O-67/16 Filling up of 16 vacant post in WBPCB
19. 16-10-2017 12365-415/80/F/16 Payment of revenue generated through receipt of fees earned through testing of private water samples in PHED run laboratories
20. 16-10-2017 PHE/WSSO/2(Pt.-III)/2265 Joint meeting regarding improved coordination for better asset management
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