What's New

1 11-03-2019 1239 -Home (Elec) Immediate Actions to be taken for enforcement of Model Code of Conduct with respect to Lok Sabha election, 2019
2 08-03-2019 PHE/Estt./S/543/19 Circular on measures to be taken to prevent occurrence of Dengue and other vector borne diseases
3 06-03-2019 2092-2110/5/B/2018 Improvement of the conditions of service of the Casual/Daily rated /Contractual Workers engaged in various Government Establishment
4 27-02-2019 PHE/WSSO/14(Pt.-VII)/551-567 Preparedness for Prevention of Dengue.
5 26-02-2019 PHE/Estt/440/1E-42/18 Appointment of Engineer-in-Chief
6 21-02-2019 1657-73/5/B/2018 Improvement of conditions of service of Casual/Daily rated /Contractual workers engaged in various Govt. Establishment
7 21-02-2019 1696-1750/73/H/2017 Last date of submission of bill-based online requisitions of the fund under NRDWP / NWQSM is 15th March, 2019 instead of 20th March, 2019.
8 20-02-2019 1630/5/'O'/2014 Transfer order of A.E. (Civil)
9 20-02-2019 PHE/247 Letter to Executive Engineer creation of adequate drinking water supply facility as a part of Assured Minimum Facilities at Polling Booths.
10 19-02-2019 24 P.S.C.(I/Depttl.) Result of Half-yearly Departmental Examination
11 14-02-2019 1347/MC/10/2018 3rd SLSSC Meeting (2018-19) on 26th February, 2019
12 14-02-2019 PHE/Estt/333/2E-10/18 Transfer Order of Executive Engineers (Civil)
13 14-02-2019 PHE/WSSO/19(Pt.-IV)/453 Video conference (VC) on 15th Feb, 2019 related to review of AAP 2019-20
14 13-02-2019 1205-1258/73/H/2017 Extension of last date of submission of bill-based online requisitions of the fund under NRDWP / NWQSM for the rest of this financial year 2018-19
15 13-02-2019 1272-1340/79/G/2018 Revision of Daily Wages in respect of Contractors labour engaged as Pump Operator/ Valve Operator/ Guards etc.
16 12-02-2019 PHE/N/V/256/W-32/87(Pt-I)/A.O. Repayment of Principal and payment of Interest - Neorakhola
17 08-02-2019 22 P.S.C (I/Depttl.) Result of the Half-yearly Professional Examination May, 2018
18 05-02-2019 PHE/Estt./277/2E-106/18 Order regarding change in the designation of Sub-Assistant Engineer (Mech./Elec.)
19 01-02-2019 897-976/80/G/2017 Order regarding Empanelment of Website/ Social Media Portals/ Apps Platforms under I&CA Deptt., Govt. of W.B.
20 01-02-2019 PHE/2471 Identification of locations prone to water scarcity during summer months and formulation of action plan for drought mitigation