Orders & Circulars

1 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XX)/596-603 06-03-2019 Third Party Assessment of top 5 labs selected from each category alongwith assessment of the State referral lab.
2 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XV)/279-307 31-01-2019 Requirement of consumables for On-site Mobile Analysis System
3 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XV)/308-336 31-01-2019 Requirement of ACs Refrigerators, Invertors, Computers and Smart Phones.
4 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XV)/154-182 21-01-2019 Allotment of fund for recurring expenditure of 217 water testing laboratories for the period of January'19 to March'19 out of WQMSP component of State Budget.
5 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XV)/3271 26-12-2018 Distribution of consumables for 59 On-site Mobile analysis system & other laboratory safety equipment for 217 Water Testing Laboratories throughout the State
6 PHE/WSSO/112(XV)/3187-3214 19-12-2018 Allotment of fund for procurement of chemicals, consumables & glassware etc. out of WQMSP component
7 N.A 30-11-2018 Monthly Progress Report PC- I upto 31.10.2018 (list - I & II)
8 N.A. 30-11-2018 Monthly Progress Report PC- II upto 22.11.2018 (list - I & II)
9 PHE/WSSO/112Pt.-XIV/2936-2951 22-11-2018 Delay in disbursement of remuneration of the Sampling Assistant and Laboratory Attendant under his jurisdiction.
10 PHE/WSSO/112Pt.-XIV/2952-2958 22-11-2018 Meeting regarding performance of water testing laboratories.
11 PHE/WSSO/112Pt.-XIV/2960-2988 22-11-2018 Delay in disbursement of Festival Bonus and salary of the lab personnel under his jurisdiction.
12 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XIV)/2798 30-10-2018 Testing of drinking water sources located in AWCs
13 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.XIV)/2150-2177 09-09-2018 One day Training of Trainers (ToT) on "Dos & Don'ts" of field data capture through android based mobile application.
14 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt-XIV)/2090-2117 07-09-2018 Assigning AE (Civil) and JE (Civil) for monitoring laboratory activities for ensuring better and smooth functioning under respective territorial jurisdiction.
15 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.-XIV)/2055-208 06-09-2018 Contact details of DCs
16 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt-XIV)/1991-2018 05-09-2018 Ensuring efficient functioning of water testing laboratories in different District of the State
17 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.XIV)/1972-1978 31-08-2018 Meeting regarding performance of Water Testing Laboratories
18 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.XIV)/1931-1949 30-08-2018 Release order regarding allotment of NRDWP Support Fund for WQM&SP under WSSO.
19 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.XIV)/1693-1720 06-08-2018 Allotment of fund for procurement of Chemicals, Consumables & Glassware etc. out of NRDWP (Support Fund)
20 PHE/WSSO/112(Pt.XIV)/1721-1727 06-08-2018 Ensuring uninterrupted chemical supply for testing of water samples in connection to blanket testing in connection to BCC programme in different blocks in Arsenic affected districts.